Fuck Yeah Reactions
If the gif/image is yours…
  • if you want credit:

I will gladly credit you, just send me an ask/submit/fanmail telling me which reaction is yours and I’ll credit the shit out of you. While this blog goes by the policy that this in the internet and anything you post on the internet can and will be taken and used by others with or without crediting you because that’s just how the fucking internet works. I still having nothing against adding credit to your gif.

  • Does your gif have a watermark on it and you still want credit:

I’ll still credit you, though I do have one simple question to ask you…

What the fuck is the point of the watermark if your still just going to bitch about credit anyways? The watermark is credit, why do feel the need to be redundant?

I’ll still credit you though, I just want you to know I think your a fucking idiot.

  • Do I already have someone credited on a gif/image thats yours:

I will gladly credit you to that gif/image too

though, I will not remove them.

unless you have 100% undeniable proof you were the one to make it, which I doubt you do.

so deal with it, you’re both credited.

  • Is it your gif/image and you want it removed:


get over it.

I will not remove it.


because, this is the fucking internet, maybe you shouldn’t have posted it on THE FUCKING INTERNET in the 1st place if you don’t want someone else using it.

here, it’s a fucking bucket:


  • are YOU in the gif/image and want it removed:

Alright, it’s gone.

I know you’re wondering the difference, to me it’s different, because 90% of the time those pictures of a persons face used to described a reaction are AWFULL pictures of that person[ex: annoying facebook girl] and usally those pictures are not made by that person, they’re made by a jackass “friend” who either took it off their facebook or took the photo then ”promised” they wouldn’t post it[I would put money down that last ones what happened to annoying facebook girl]


please don’t even mess around with me, I will not even humor you if you claim to be the creator of things such as the Troll Face or “FUUUUU” and so on…