Fuck Yeah Reactions
How to use gifs/images:

How to get a gif/image in a Text post:

There are two ways to do this


First: Click here



Now just click whatever image you want uploaded


Lets say you haven’t saved the reaction you want to use and just found it here WELL, copy the url of said image


Click this

Now just type in

<img src=”paste the URL here”>

Go out of html make sure it worked and THERE YOU GO

How to get a gif/image into all other type post:

this a bit more complicated…but here goes[their may be other ways to do this, but this is how I do it]

  1. Find the gif/image that you want
    -if it’s off your computer then then, open a text post and do the first option above^, click preview, a preview of your post will show up with the gif/image in and then go to step 2
    -If you found the gif on FYR, since I upload all gif/images in Text post please proceed to step 2 
  2. Open that gif/image in a new tab, make sure the URL looks like this: Example not this: Example(See those numbers at the start of the second one? Yeah, that’s what causes the little blue box. If your gif/image has those numberss at the beginning or isn’t from Tumblr, It will show up as the blue box and nobody fucking likes the blue box)
  3. Copy the URL of the gif/image
  4. Go back to the post you were going to add the gif/image too
  5. Click the camera looking icon

    and paste the URL
  6. Click Insert
  7. and assuming Tumblr isn’t fucking up, There’s your image.
  8. Post away.
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